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News and Updates

17/10/2018 WHEATSHEAF - For information - The Wheatsheaf are no longer in the Winter League 2018.19 with immediate effect, all previous matches will become nil & void, all future matches will now be a bye, we apologise for any inconvenience caused . Thank You. .
16/10/2018 RESULTS SECRETARY - For information - Malcolm Mcleod will be responsible for all league results, please forward on all league results to Malcolm Mcleod, Malcolm's contact details will be forwarded on as results come through to the existing number. Thank You. .
27/09/2018 POLITE REQUEST TO TEAM CAPTAINS - If possible in all future league matches, could all Team Captains make every effort to send their match results (clear pictures) via the website email or text message (Facebook messenger OR standard text), this will reduce the work load for the results secretary travelling to and from The Bat & Ball, this will also help to get the results updated early, anyone who is not able to send via this method will still count but may not be updated on the Website until the following Monday, so to enable us to update the website quickly we would politely ask that every effort be made to send them electronically, Thank you .
16/08/2018 GPL COMMITTEE MEMBER ANNOUNCEMENT - Gravesham Pool League are pleased to announce that Ben Mannerings will be joining the GPL Committee, I'm sure you will all agree that with Ben's vast experience and knowledge of pool and the pool community will help to ensure he will be a valued asset to our League..
16/08/2018 JAS TALWAR. RIP. We are gutted to announce the very sad passing of Jas Talwar. As you know, Jas was an integral part of the Committee that runs this League. His contribution and commitment will never be replaced. The pool fraternity of Gravesham send out very best wishes to Shaz and the family. A big man, with a big heart. x ..
08/08/2018 Amendment to GPL Rules & Regulations – Rule 7 (see details posted below or on our Rules & Regulations page) - GPL has found it necessary to amend rule 7 regarding Promotion and Relegation , we have found that promotion and relegation has not been applied consistently over the years and therefor in the interest of all teams/players have decided to ensure fairness and consistency going forward. The new rule will be applied to all teams and divisions with immediate effect, GPL apologises for any previous teams that feel they were not treated fairly and it is this ambiguity within this rule that has led us to make this change..
08/08/2018 AMENDMENT TO RULES & REGULATIONS Section 7- The League has found it necessary to amend the Rules & Regulations 7 AS FOLLOWS - ,7) Team Promotion / Relegation: (A) For the purpose of Promotion / Relegation, a “Team” is defined by its players, if a team moves to another venue, at least 5 of the required 6 original players must move to enable them to keep their previous status within the league, any less than 5 will be classed as a new team and be required to start again at the bottom of the lowest league. (B) At the end of each Winter Season the two lowest teams (subject to their availability) will be relegated from the Premier Division, to be replaced by as many teams as is needed to make the numbers up in the Premier Division from Division One. The principal of promotion and relegation will then be applied to the remaining divisions. please ensure you read and understand this amendment to the rule, this rule starts with immediate effect. This rule has been updated on our Rules & Regulations page.
14/05/2018 AMENDMENT TO RULES & REGULATIONS Section 15 (C) - The League has found it necessary to amend the Rules & Regulations 15 (C) AS FOLLOWS - If a match is claimed due to the opponents failing to turn up, the result card must be completed by the team present and it should be noted on the card that the opponents failed to arrive. If a team fails to turn up for 1 match (if less than 60% of players in Summer League & Less than 66% of players in Winter League do not show this will be regarded as a no show, 3/5 players needed for Summer League and 4/6 needed in the Winter League), this team will automatically be dismissed from the league without any entitlement to a refund, all previous matches will become null & void, a meeting will take place before the next season to establish whether or not this team will be allowed back into the league. - The Committee has made this amendment as it feels it is in the best interest of the league and its members, please ensure you read and understand this amendment to the rule, this rule starts with immediate effect. This rule has been updated on our Rules & Regulations page.

League Fixtures for Wednesday 21st November

Premier Division
Home Team Away Team
Elephants Head XVThe Peacock A
Spots and Stripes DVPainters Ash A
The Edinburgh Castle AVThe Bat and Ball A
The Pavilion AVSpots and Stripes C
Foresters AAVSpots and Stripes A
Spots and Stripes BVForesters A

Division 1
Home Team Away Team
The Bat and Ball BVBye
CricketersVThe Wheatsheaf (NOW A BYE)
Painters Ash BVElephants Head A
ByeVThe Villager
The Prince Albert CVPelham Arms A
The ViewpointVThe Prince Albert A

Division 2
Home Team Away Team
Regans Bar AVThe Edinburgh Castle B
ByeVMan of Kent
The Peacock BVRegans Bar B
The Prince Albert DVYe Olde Coach and Horses
Pelham Arms BVThe Prince Albert B