Gravesham Pool League is a Kent County Pool Association (K.C.P.A.) and English Pool Association (E.P.A.) registered league.

In the Winter 2013/14 season, we had 38 registered teams, providing over 400 registered players. Each team is registered through a public house/club situated in the borough of Gravesham, or adjoining postcodes. League matches are played on a Wednesday night, with the various knockout competitions being played on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night. Each team is made up of a minimum of 6 players, with each match consisting of 12 frames of pool. In the Winter League 2014/15, we have 3 divisions, from the Premier Division to Division 2, with the top 2 teams gaining promotion, and the bottom 2 teams being relegated. All matches are played to the rules recognised by the E.P.A. entitled ?world rules?.

There is also a Summer League that runs between Winter Leagues. The Summer League is again split into 4 groups. These groups are populated completely randomly. This provides a platform for teams entering the Summer League to have the chance to pit themselves against teams from outside of their normal Winter League division. The top 2 teams, from each group, go through to a knockout stage, where the teams compete to be crowned Summer League Champions.

Both the Winter League and the Summer League, are managed by a team of volunteers, forming the Gravesham Pool League (G.P.L.) Committee. All of the existing Committee currently play in the G.P.L. The aim of the Committee is to provide a structured league for the game of English 8 Ball Pool, and its respective pubs and clubs, that is open to players of all standards and is run for the benefit of its members.

The Committee is dedicated to the continued improvement of the Gravesham Pool League and continue to develop a top-class structured environment for the game of 8 Ball Pool. Our on-going aim is to be one of the best-run Leagues in England, setting the standard by which other Leagues can aspire to.

Gravesham Pool League has a rich history dating back to the 80?s, with links to the Thameside Pool League and the Kent Blind League. This history has provided an excellent platform and knowledge base to allow the League to provide a world-class service to its members. The League would not be what it is today, if it wasn?t for the commitment of its past members and those that have been willing to take the responsibility of running such a complex machine, on a purely voluntary basis.

With G.P.L.?s connection with the Kent County Pool Association, we are proud to provide our members the opportunity to represent Gravesham, at a regional and national level, by playing for one of the two Interleague teams Gravesham currently have. The League is currently looking at introducing a third Interleague team to enable even more of its members to play the game on a wider level.

Additionally, as a registered league to the Kent County Pool Association, all of our members have the opportunity to attend the Kent Trials, that are held twice a year. Many of our members have been successful in qualifying, and playing, for Kent. Gravesham currently have 5 Kent players. We hope many more of our members will take advantage of this opportunity in the coming years, and increase the representation our League has within the Kent set up.