Simon Garrett Invitational KO

Simon Garrett Invitational KO – Saturday 22nd February

With one month to go, we have 27 entries for this comp, which is brilliant!! Last year was the most we had, and that was 17 runners.

The entrants so far are :-

1. Del Tobin

2. Jo Herrington

3. Chri Barrow

4. Mark Burton

5. Graham Runham

6. Paul Daines

7. Luke Coyne

8. Ricky Mannerings

9. Craig Nightingale

10. Levi Daines

11. Mikey Larson

12. Paul Waterman

13. James Page

14. Paul Burton

15. Mark Hendry

16. Ritchie Springhall

17. Jay Arnold

18. Ricky Potter

19. Jude Potter

20. Paul Thomas

21. Craig Robinson

22. Gary Martin

23. Craig Price

24. Ray Bassoo

25. Steve Brennan

26. Damo Coyle – is this the correct spelling?

27. Terry Nightingale






Can we get the last 5 places filled?

Have a chat with your team tonight, and hopefully these places can be filled by tomorrow.

Deadline to enter the comp will be Friday the 14th of February.

Limited to 32 entries.

Deadline for payment will be Saturday the 15th of February.

Entry fee is £20 per person.

Please leave your payment at Spots, or at the Bat, clearly marked with the SGIKO.

If anyone wants to transfer their entry to me, please pm me.

There will be further updates int he next week, or so.

Good luck to all involved!!!