Update from the GPL Committee

Firstly, the Committee hopes everyone is safe and well, in these difficult times. This wish also extends to friends and families of our members.


Please see below, an update on decisions made, regarding our various Leagues and competitions :-


  • Winter League 2019/20 – this will be completed, regardless of when we return.
  • Winter League 2019/20 KO competitions (Team, Singles and Doubles KO’s) – these will be completed, regardless of when we return.
  • Champion’s League Singles KO 2019/20 season – there will be no competition for this event, this season.
  • Presentation – this is looking likely to be held in July/August. We are discussing a couple of possibilities to make this a memorable party, celebrating the end of the lockdown, as well as the presentation.
  • Summer League 2020 – to enable the 2020/21 Winter League season to start on time, it is looking more, and more likely, the Summer League 2020 will be cancelled. No final decision has been made on this, due to the “unknowns”, but this is our opinion, with what is known now.
  • Scotch Doubles competition – this will be re-arranged, when the lockdown is lifted. Hopefully, for June or July.


As we all know, the current situation is continually changing, but we hope the above information clarifies the situation for everybody.


Please stay safe and well.


The GPL Committee

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