Update from GPL Committee

Firstly, the Committee hope all of our members, friends and family are safe and well, in these difficult times.

As you know, the League has been suspended, as a result of the restrictions put on us. Even when the pubs and clubs re-open, the League can not resume, until the pubs are able to close again, at 11pm. With a strict 10pm closing, matches would need to start at 6.30pm to ensure 100% the 12 frames are completed. With everyone’s work schedule, this is simply not possible.

Taking this into account, it is the Committee’s opinion that BOTH the re-opening and the 11pm closing WILL NOT happen this year. Therefore, a further review will be made in the first week of January.

We would like to re-iterate the 2019/20 Winter Season will be completed 100%. Unfortunately, we simply do not know when this will be. When the pubs and clubs do re-open, if any Singles KO, or Doubles KO matches wish to be arranged, then please do so. Any match is to be arranged between the parties concerned.

Please keep Malcolm updated of any arranged match/es please, using this form.

In the meantime, please stay safe and well.

GPL Committee

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