Finally… it’s almost here!

19 months and 2 days….. 83 weeks……. 581 days……. 13,944 hours…….

However you look at it, it’s been a bloody long time since our last GPL league match on 11 March 2020!

The GPL Winter League 2021/22 begins this Wednesday!!!

In the background, the website is being updated to ensure all the player profiles, stats and team pages are up to date. Please check your player profiles to ensure your information is as you wish. If you wish to make any changes, including profile picture, please use the following form: This form can also be used by team captains to upload a team photo, to be displayed on your teams profile page.

As a reminder also:

  • Scorecards must be completed by both the Home and Away teams, with each one being submitted through the website following completion of the match. Go to ‘Upload -> League Result’ to do so.
  • Outstanding KO matches to be arranged by players/teams involved, before the end of October.
  • All KO fixtures must be submitted as soon as they have been organised. Go to ‘Upload -> Confirm arranged KO fixture’ on the menu and complete the form.
  • All KO results must be submitted upon completion of the match, by the winning team/player. Go to ‘Upload -> KO result’ on the menu and complete the form.

All that’s left is to say, on behalf of GPL committee, we cannot wait to get started!

Good luck all

GPL Committee

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