Avoiding penalties

Just a brief reminder on the rules around the completion and return of scorecards, as well as how to handle new player registrations:

E) Teams found, to have played an unregistered player/s, shall lose 4 points per player, to a maximum of 12 points.

F) If a result card is late (defined as in not being received via the website upload method) by the Sunday following the match or with a Saturday postmark), the team/s that fail to return their
result card shall have 4 points deducted.

G) If a results card is not correctly and clearly, (date, teams, initials, surname and signatures) completed, the offending
team/player will be deducted 1 point per frame where applicable. Players that incorrectly fill in the results card will not have
their results entered into the singles top scorer averages.

H) If a results card is not received, at all (deemed to be seven days from the date of the match), the team that fails to produce a
result card shall have six points deducted.

Both teams MUST submit a copy of the scorecard and scorecards MUST be uploaded via the website, ‘Upload -> League result’. Any problems with this working, please let me know.

Please get the cards in ASAP, in order that the website can be updated promptly, but by Sunday at the latest to avoid penalty points.

Please also ensure, that if you’ve had 15 pints you enlist the help of somebody more qualified to use a camera.

Thanks to all that submitted quickly, I was able to update most of the results before lunchtime Thursday. As this is the first week back there will be NO penalty points issued, a temporary amnesty if you will! 😉

Hope everyone had a good first match – great to see everybody even if there were some unusual scores!

Comment below if you’ve any questions or get in touch with committee via the contact page.


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