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Finally… it’s almost here!

19 months and 2 days….. 83 weeks……. 581 days……. 13,944 hours…….

However you look at it, it’s been a bloody long time since our last GPL league match on 11 March 2020!

The GPL Winter League 2021/22 begins this Wednesday!!!

In the background, the website is being updated to ensure all the player profiles, stats and team pages are up to date. Please check your player profiles to ensure your information is as you wish. If you wish to make any changes, including profile picture, please use the following form: This form can also be used by team captains to upload a team photo, to be displayed on your teams profile page.

As a reminder also:

  • Scorecards must be completed by both the Home and Away teams, with each one being submitted through the website following completion of the match. Go to ‘Upload -> League Result’ to do so.
  • Outstanding KO matches to be arranged by players/teams involved, before the end of October.
  • All KO fixtures must be submitted as soon as they have been organised. Go to ‘Upload -> Confirm arranged KO fixture’ on the menu and complete the form.
  • All KO results must be submitted upon completion of the match, by the winning team/player. Go to ‘Upload -> KO result’ on the menu and complete the form.

All that’s left is to say, on behalf of GPL committee, we cannot wait to get started!

Good luck all

GPL Committee

Winter League 2019/20 and Winter League 2021/22

From the Committee, it is a big WELCOME BACK to all of our members.
A lot has happened since we stopped playing 18 months ago, but we are back!!

Winter Season 2019/20 

As you know, the 2019/20 season was 2 matches short of finishing.
That means that 90% of the season was completed.
Taking into consideration that numerous teams are no longer playing, the Committee have decided that the positions, as they stand, is how the 2019/20 season will finish.
The Team KO’s will be played, as will the outstanding Singles and Doubles KO’s.
The Committee will be in contact with the relevant Captains/players, to arrange the outstanding fixtures.
Trophies will be awarded for the 2019/20 season, as normal.

Winter Season 2021/22 

The season will go ahead, in its usual time slot, starting on Wednesday 13th October.
The halfway point will be Christmas, with the first Wednesday after New Year being allocated for the Team KO Prelim Rounds.
We have 24 confirmed teams, so that fits perfectly for 2 divisions of 12.
With so many changes having happened, so many teams dropping out, so many pubs not re-opening the divisions picked themselves.
The divisions are (in alphabetical order) :-

Bat & Ball A @ The Foresters
Edinburgh Castle
Elephants Head A (formerly Spots & Stripes C)
Foresters AA
Painters Ash
Pavilion A
Pavilion B
Peacock A
Spots & Stripes A
Spots & Stripes D
Spots & Stripes X (formerly Elephants Head X)
The Rose B (formerly Bat & Ball B)

Cliffe Woods Social Club
Elephants Head B
Gravesend Boat (formerly The Rose A)
Peacock B
Pelham Arms
Prince Albert A (formerly Prince Albert C)
Prince Albert D
Spots & Stripes B
The Rose A (formerly Coach & Horses)
Viewpoint A
Viewpoint B

The 21/22 application forms and KO entry forms will be printed in the next week, or so.
Look out for more updates/information in the coming weeks.

Very best wishes to all, and it is great to be back!!!

The Committee

GPL restart

Just to let you know, over the next two weeks we will be contacting all team Captains to confirm if your team intends to return to the league, when we resume.

More details to follow.

Thanks – GPL committee

GPL announcement

The Committee would like to update you with the current position we found ourselves in.

As I am sure you know, team pool matches are currently not permitted.

A further Government announcement on this, is due next month (June).

As you know, we still have an unfinished season from 2019/20 to complete.

There are numerous things to consider, when we eventually get the green light.

We need to confirm what pubs have re-opened?

We need to confirm what pubs have kept their pool table/s

We need to speak to each Captain, to find out if they still have a pool team, that wishes to resume playing.

Once we have the answers to the above, we will be in a position to make a decision about the outstanding season, the Summer League 2021 and the Winter League 2021/22.

We will be getting answers to the questions above in the coming weeks, and update you accordingly.

GPL Committee

Update from GPL Committee

Good morning all,

Firstly, I hope you and yours are safe and well.

So, we now know that pubs can open on the 4th of July.

Unfortunately, clubs are not 100% certain if they can open on this date.

Even if clubs can/do open on this date, there needs to be a period of assurance before team sports can start again.

Basically, until it is proven that the re-opening has no negative reaction, our governing bodies (EPA/KCPA) will not sanction any team gatherings.

A period of at least 1 month, of observation, is needed to insure the safety of players, staff and the general public.

Therefore, it is not foreseen to re-start the Winter League in July.

With this continually changing scenario, I believe a further update will be made mid-month.

Thank you for your understanding, and rest-assured, no decision will be made that endangers you, or your teams.

Best regards,

GPL Committee

Update on Winter League 2019/20 suspension

Regretably, it seems the pubs and clubs will not be re-opening in the foreseeable future. Therefore, with the information available, we do not see the Winter League resuming in May.

We will review the situation at the end of May. In the meantime, please stay safe and well.

The GPL Committee

Update from the GPL Committee

Firstly, the Committee hopes everyone is safe and well, in these difficult times. This wish also extends to friends and families of our members.


Please see below, an update on decisions made, regarding our various Leagues and competitions :-


  • Winter League 2019/20 – this will be completed, regardless of when we return.
  • Winter League 2019/20 KO competitions (Team, Singles and Doubles KO’s) – these will be completed, regardless of when we return.
  • Champion’s League Singles KO 2019/20 season – there will be no competition for this event, this season.
  • Presentation – this is looking likely to be held in July/August. We are discussing a couple of possibilities to make this a memorable party, celebrating the end of the lockdown, as well as the presentation.
  • Summer League 2020 – to enable the 2020/21 Winter League season to start on time, it is looking more, and more likely, the Summer League 2020 will be cancelled. No final decision has been made on this, due to the “unknowns”, but this is our opinion, with what is known now.
  • Scotch Doubles competition – this will be re-arranged, when the lockdown is lifted. Hopefully, for June or July.


As we all know, the current situation is continually changing, but we hope the above information clarifies the situation for everybody.


Please stay safe and well.


The GPL Committee

Winter League 2019/20 Suspension

From the Gravesham Pool League Committee

As a result of yesterday’s Government directive, the Committee has decided to suspend, with immediate effect, the 2019/20 Winter League.
This covers League matches and all KO matches.

Initially, the suspension is for six weeks until the end of April, at which point, an evaluation of the situation will take place, and further decisions will be made on the Winter League and the 2020 Summer League.

A lot of consideration was given to the thought of how close we are to the end of the season, and if it was possible to finish the season, but realistically we still have up to 4 weeks left, including the finals and the Champion’s League Singles KO. Taking this into account, and the Government restrictions being implemented now, this was not an option.

Please remember this decision has been made with the health and well-being of our players and their family and friends, as the main/only priority.


Gravesham Pool League Committee.