Mixed Doubles KO – 2019/20

Please arrange the date and venue between yourselves.

When the match has been arranged, please complete and submit this form.

When the match has been played, please submit the result using this form.

matches to be played by 31/01/20 – race to 7


Alison Cable/Leigh Sunderland 3-4 Alex Allsop/Luke Stronge
Karen Parker/Paul Thomas 2-4 Tina Harvey/Chris Harvey
Jo Miles/Andy Twigger 4-1 Lynn Wynn/Chris Wynn
Emily Middleton/Steve Ridgeway 2-4 Shirley Bowles/Tony Bowles
Caroline Baldock/Simon O’Shea 4-0 Jo Herrington/Chris Barrow
Penny Chesterton/Trevor Chesterton 1-4 Julie Simpson/Trevor Midgeley