Elephants Head A are withdrawn from league

It is with regret, that we announce Elephants Head A are no longer in the Winter League 2019/20 with immediate effect, due to a no show in last weeks Division 1 match against The Edinburgh Castle A. This decision has been taken inline with rule 15(c) and previous precedence.

All previous matches will become nil & void, all future matches will now be a bye, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The committee never enjoy having to remove a team, however, this rule was brought in to protect the divisions from the impact of a 12-0 walkover for the other team. In this instance also, with one of the biggest squads in the league at 14 registered players, it was felt a team of at least 4, as required in the rules, should always be possible to field.

Thank You

KO matches deadline

The committee have granted a short extension to the previous deadline of 31/12/19, for all outstanding KO fixtures.

The fixtures must now be played by 22:00 on Sunday 5th January 2020.

Any fixtures that have not been played, or have not had a valid result submitted via the website after this time, will progress as a bye.


GPL committee

Rose teams jump ship

With effect from 11th December, both Rose A and Rose B will now be playing from the Gravesend Boat. All home games will be played here.

The teams will remain as Rose A and Rose B for the remainder of the season, as far as the website is concerned.

Please contact the committee if you require further information.

Kind regards,

GPL Committee


Minutes silence for Geoff

Geoff Windeatt tragically passed away on 22nd November 2019. A great father, son and a friend to many, he will be hugely missed by all.

As a mark of respect, the Committee kindly ask all teams to hold a minute’s silence before Wednesday’s matches, and everyone raise a glass for Geoff.

Geoff’s GPL player profile can be viewed here: Geoff Windeatt. If fellow GPL players wish to leave any messages of condolence or photos of Geoff to remember him by, this may be a fitting place to do so.

Thank you, in advance.

The GPL Committee

GPL Masters 2019

The 2019 GPL Masters will be held on Saturday 14th December at Spots and Stripes.

Open to 2019 registered GPL players.

£20 entry

All money in, all money out

£640 prize money, based on 32 entrants.

Paying down to losing 1/4 finalists

Entries can be confirmed either on the website (comment below), or on the GPL Facebook page.

Live draw on Monday 9th December.

Closing date for entries – Saturday 7th December.

Good luck to all.

Unregistered players – a reminder

There have been a few team picking up penalty points for playing un-registered players. A reminder of the rule regarding this:

  • E) Teams found, to have played an unregistered player/s, shall lose 4 points per player, to a maximum of 12 points.
  • You will be ‘found to have played an unregistered player’, should you submit a results card where a player has been played who is not registered and there is no accompanying photograph of a completed player sign up on the back of the card.
  • No chances will be given – the points will be applied at time of result entry. It is your responsibility to ensure you upload both sides of the results card should you need to do so.
  • Sending a completed player registration section after the original results card was submitted will not vindicate the decision to apply penalty points.
  • You can view all registered players for a team by viewing the relevant teams page on the website.

Thank you,

GPL committee

Submitting KO results/fixtures

There is now a facility to submit KO results, and to notify the committee of an arranged KO fixture, all via the GPL website.

Under ‘Upload Results/Fixtures’, there are now three options: League Result, KO result, Confirm arranged KO fixture.

Please use these – it will help both players and the committee.

GPL Committee

Result of recent poll

We would like to thank everyone who has taken part in the poll regarding the formation of divisions for the 2019/20 winter pool season.

The votes have been checked & verified & we are pleased to announce the result.

Breakdown as follows:-

There were 11 Facebook votes from people that are not registered GPL players, these are ineligible & have been disqualified. (7 in favour of 2 divisions & 4 in favour of 3 divisions)

This left the

Position at:-

2 Divisions 52 votes

3 Divisions 54 votes

After adding 9 emailed votes the final position is:-

2 Divisions 55 votes

3 Divisions 60 votes

Therefore the format for 2019/20 will be 3 divisions comprising:-

Premier Division 11 teams

First Division 9 teams

Second Division 9 teams

Once again thanks to everyone. Revised fixtures to follow shortly.

Yours in Sport,

The GPL Committee

Announcement from GPL committee

Firstly, apologies to our players for the cancellation of last night’s matches. This was unavoidable due to a team being wrongly put in a division it was ineligible to be in. With the fixtures needing to be re-done, the Committee had no choice but to cancel the first week of the season.


Over the past few days, the messages on Facebook and the WhatsApp Chat Room have been disappointing, to say the least. Please remember the Committee make big sacrifices for YOU! The negative and derogatory posts do not help in any way, whatsoever.


Unfortunately, in this day and age, these messages can not be stopped, but we simply ask you to think before posting such negative messages. Please remember we, the Committee, do what we do for free, with no financial gain whatsoever!


The Committee are very pleased to confirm there are no changes to the current Committee members, that includes John Fowler joining too.


Moving forward, there was a number of points made, which the Committee have taken on board. We will be posting a poll on Facebook, which every player will be able to vote on.
The poll is if we should run with 2 or 3 divisions. The format of the divisions will be 2 divisions of 14, or 11, 9 and 9 teams with the 3 divisions.


For your information, we have another team wanting to join the League. If a 3 division option is preferred, we will accept their late application, so it will be 11, 9 and 9 teams.
If a 2 division option is preferred, their late application will not be accepted. Everyone will have 48 hours from today to vote accordingly.


The KO matches will remain as they are now, to be played in a window, where players can arrange their own matches, at the venue and date, of their mutually agreed choice. The deadline for the KO’s will obviously now be extended.


Once the results of the poll are collated, we will issue revised dates for the league matches, and KO matches.


If all goes to plan, the League will start next Wednesday, or the following Wednesday, at the latest.


Thank you,
GPL Committee