Website update – New GPL discussion forums

In an effort to provide a better mechanism for organising KO fixtures between players, we’ve introduced a new feature on the GPL website – discussion forums. It is currently being tested, so any help with this will be appreciated.

The forums are a place to make contact with other players to arrange KO matches, discuss any GPL related issues, or for general discussions among the GPL community.

The forums are now live, you’ll find the ‘Forum’ page on the menu – or you can click here. To use, you’ll need to simply register for an account by visiting the main forum page and choosing ‘Register‘. Once registered, look for the confirmation email in your Inbox (check spam if not received) and click the confirmation link. Your account will then be live.

You are free to create your own topics under each of the four forums (see screenshot below).

When somebody replies to a topic/thread you’ve created, you will be emailed a notification.

The latest posts from the forums will be displayed in a widget on the home page (scroll to the bottom if viewing website on mobile).

Keep it civilized please 🙂

Any problems – contact Malc.


GPL Committee

2019/20 season declared void

GPL Committee Statement

With the Covid-19 pandemic looking likely to cause disruption for longer than first envisaged, it is with regret that the committee have decided to declare the Winter 2019-20 season void. This includes all league and KO fixtures.

These measures will hopefully allow time for a Summer League later in the year.

Congratulations to all teams for a close season and commiserations to the Peacock, who came so close.

Thanks for your understanding.

GPL Committee.

Winter League 2019/20 Suspension

From the Gravesham Pool League Committee

As a result of yesterday’s Government directive, the Committee has decided to suspend, with immediate effect, the 2019/20 Winter League.
This covers League matches and all KO matches.

Initially, the suspension is for six weeks until the end of April, at which point, an evaluation of the situation will take place, and further decisions will be made on the Winter League and the 2020 Summer League.

A lot of consideration was given to the thought of how close we are to the end of the season, and if it was possible to finish the season, but realistically we still have up to 4 weeks left, including the finals and the Champion’s League Singles KO. Taking this into account, and the Government restrictions being implemented now, this was not an option.

Please remember this decision has been made with the health and well-being of our players and their family and friends, as the main/only priority.


Gravesham Pool League Committee.

Simon Garrett Invitational KO

Simon Garrett Invitational KO – Saturday 22nd February

With one month to go, we have 27 entries for this comp, which is brilliant!! Last year was the most we had, and that was 17 runners.

The entrants so far are :-

1. Del Tobin

2. Jo Herrington

3. Chri Barrow

4. Mark Burton

5. Graham Runham

6. Paul Daines

7. Luke Coyne

8. Ricky Mannerings

9. Craig Nightingale

10. Levi Daines

11. Mikey Larson

12. Paul Waterman

13. James Page

14. Paul Burton

15. Mark Hendry

16. Ritchie Springhall

17. Jay Arnold

18. Ricky Potter

19. Jude Potter

20. Paul Thomas

21. Craig Robinson

22. Gary Martin

23. Craig Price

24. Ray Bassoo

25. Steve Brennan

26. Damo Coyle – is this the correct spelling?

27. Terry Nightingale






Can we get the last 5 places filled?

Have a chat with your team tonight, and hopefully these places can be filled by tomorrow.

Deadline to enter the comp will be Friday the 14th of February.

Limited to 32 entries.

Deadline for payment will be Saturday the 15th of February.

Entry fee is £20 per person.

Please leave your payment at Spots, or at the Bat, clearly marked with the SGIKO.

If anyone wants to transfer their entry to me, please pm me.

There will be further updates int he next week, or so.

Good luck to all involved!!!

Elephants Head A are withdrawn from league

It is with regret, that we announce Elephants Head A are no longer in the Winter League 2019/20 with immediate effect, due to a no show in last weeks Division 1 match against The Edinburgh Castle A. This decision has been taken inline with rule 15(c) and previous precedence.

All previous matches will become nil & void, all future matches will now be a bye, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The committee never enjoy having to remove a team, however, this rule was brought in to protect the divisions from the impact of a 12-0 walkover for the other team. In this instance also, with one of the biggest squads in the league at 14 registered players, it was felt a team of at least 4, as required in the rules, should always be possible to field.

Thank You

KO matches deadline

The committee have granted a short extension to the previous deadline of 31/12/19, for all outstanding KO fixtures.

The fixtures must now be played by 22:00 on Sunday 5th January 2020.

Any fixtures that have not been played, or have not had a valid result submitted via the website after this time, will progress as a bye.


GPL committee

Rose teams jump ship

With effect from 11th December, both Rose A and Rose B will now be playing from the Gravesend Boat. All home games will be played here.

The teams will remain as Rose A and Rose B for the remainder of the season, as far as the website is concerned.

Please contact the committee if you require further information.

Kind regards,

GPL Committee


Minutes silence for Geoff

Geoff Windeatt tragically passed away on 22nd November 2019. A great father, son and a friend to many, he will be hugely missed by all.

As a mark of respect, the Committee kindly ask all teams to hold a minute’s silence before Wednesday’s matches, and everyone raise a glass for Geoff.

Geoff’s GPL player profile can be viewed here: Geoff Windeatt. If fellow GPL players wish to leave any messages of condolence or photos of Geoff to remember him by, this may be a fitting place to do so.

Thank you, in advance.

The GPL Committee

GPL Masters 2019

The 2019 GPL Masters will be held on Saturday 14th December at Spots and Stripes.

Open to 2019 registered GPL players.

£20 entry

All money in, all money out

£640 prize money, based on 32 entrants.

Paying down to losing 1/4 finalists

Entries can be confirmed either on the website (comment below), or on the GPL Facebook page.

Live draw on Monday 9th December.

Closing date for entries – Saturday 7th December.

Good luck to all.

Unregistered players – a reminder

There have been a few team picking up penalty points for playing un-registered players. A reminder of the rule regarding this:

  • E) Teams found, to have played an unregistered player/s, shall lose 4 points per player, to a maximum of 12 points.
  • You will be ‘found to have played an unregistered player’, should you submit a results card where a player has been played who is not registered and there is no accompanying photograph of a completed player sign up on the back of the card.
  • No chances will be given – the points will be applied at time of result entry. It is your responsibility to ensure you upload both sides of the results card should you need to do so.
  • Sending a completed player registration section after the original results card was submitted will not vindicate the decision to apply penalty points.
  • You can view all registered players for a team by viewing the relevant teams page on the website.

Thank you,

GPL committee