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Frequently asked questions

What is a legal break?

A legal break is when a minimum of 4 different object balls hit any cushion. If any ball/s (except the 8-ball) is/are potted, there is no minimum requirement of balls to hit the cushion/s Failure for 4 different balls to hit the cushions will result in a re-rack and the opponent getting 2 shots.

What happens if the 8-ball is potted from the break?

The balls are re-racked and the SAME player breaks again, with no penalty.

What is the correct procedure to fill out the names on the result sheet?

It is the HOME team Captain’s responsibility to fill in the first name on the team sheet for each frame in the match. There is no requirement for the home Captain to fill out all the names on the sheet before the match commences, however, a name must be filled in before a frame is played.

What is a foul-snooker?

A foul-snooker occurs when your opponent commits a standard foul and you are then unable to see BOTH sides of ANY of your remaining balls in a straight line from the cue ball. Please note you cannot be snookered by your own coloured object balls, for more clarification on this ruling please consult the EPA website.

What are my options should a foul snooker be comfirmed?

If a foul-snooker is confirmed by the Referee, the player has the option to nominate any one of his/her opponent?s ball, as one of his/her own (free ball), for that shot only – or to nominate for the cue ball to be picked up (by the Referee) and played from anywhere behind the baulk line. If the player chooses for the cue ball to be picked up, and he/she is still unable to see BOTH sides of ANY of his/her remaining balls, he can then choose to nominate any one of his opponent?s balls, as a free ball, with no penalty. again please consult the rules on the EPA website for further clarification.

Is there a time limit on taking a shot?

Currently only enforced in the Premier Division – 1. A player has a maximum of sixty seconds to play each shot. 2. If the first 30 seconds elapses before a shot is played, the referee/timer will call “Thirty seconds” as a warning to the player. 3. If a shot is not played within sixty seconds it is a Non-Standard Foul. The incoming player is awarded two visits from a)Where the cue ball lies, OR, if the player wishes b) From baulk. 4. The referee may decide to grant “Time Out” , if warranted, at the request of a player. (For example, something is obstructing the player or the player needs to leave the playing area.)

Does a ball need to hit the cushion?

Under the World Rules, it is necessary for ANY BALL to make contact with a cushion AFTER the cue ball has made contact with the object ball.
ANY BALL can be a yellow, a red, the 8-ball or the cue ball.
Failure for a ball to make contact with a cushion AFTER the cue ball has made contact with the object ball, will result in a standard foul, unless an object ball has been potted in a legal shot.

What if we/they only have 5 players?

Frames 6 and 12 will be awarded to the opposing team.
This scenario is relevant in the Winter League, when we play 2 sets of 6 singles.
If a team is a player short in the Summer League, when we play 2 sets of 5 singles, then frames 5 and 10 will be
awarded to the opposing team. Please note that the team with the full team MUST list a player for all 6 frames
even though 2 of the frames will not occur

What happens to the result sheet after the match has finished?

Both teams must complete a results sheet.
This sheet is to be sent to the results secretary electronically, via email, FaceBook messenger or WhatsApp. Alternatively, it can be delivered to the Bat & Ball no later than the Sunday following the match.
If any team decides to post the result sheet using the Royal Mail, the result sheet MUST have a franked stamp of
no later than the Saturday following the match. Failure to get the result sheet delivered on-time, will result in a points penalty to one or both teams (home/away) that fail to provide a results sheet (please note if you allow the other team to take your result sheet and they fail to deliver it on time, you will receive penalty points).