Singles KO – 2021/22

Match window for prelims is now open.

Prelim round matches are best of 7 and must be played by end of November.

Players are free to play at any GPL venue of their choice, at any time that is mutually agreeable.

  • You can use the ‘Arrange a KO match’ forum if you wish, to post availability/suggested venues/contact details etc for your opponent: Arrange a KO match
  • You MUST notify the GPL Committee of an arranged fixture by completing this form: Confirm arranged KO fixture
  • You MUST submit KO results following conclusion of the match, by completing this form: Submit KO result


Bert Arnold 3-4 Levi Daines
Andy Twigger 16/11/21 – 20:00 – Spots and Stripes John Collier
Darren Latimer 2-4 Paul Thomas
Lee Phillips V Dan Mealy
Jack Cooper 29/11/21 – 19:00 – Painters Ash Mike Stroud
Gavin Mancini 3-4 Damo Coyle
Jo Herrington 0-4 Scott Foley
James Page 29/11/21 – 19:30 – Foresters Arms Scott Woods
Scott Rayner V Chris Barrow
Leigh Sunderland 0-4 WALKOVER Adam Woolnough
Steve Stuckey 4-1 Luke Stronge
Chris Harvey 2-4 Richard Springhall
Jeff Caller 28/11/21 – 16:00 – Spots and Stripes Marcus Gibbons
Alex Young 4-0 WALKOVER Jason Phillips